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Monday, June 26, 2006



The Walrus? Was the Eggman around as well?

I'm forever grateful to High Fidelity for showing me there are other obsessive rankers and listmakers, in fiction at least, so I couldn't pass this up. But other than Rush, which was a great band, and Neil Young, who has some good individual songs, I couldn't think of anyone. Even looking at Wikipedia only brings up maybe a few good ones: The Tragically Hip, Broken Social Scene, the Guess Who. The article 'Canada Rock' even mentions Paul Anka at the beginning, the list is so lame. Oh, Canada.

The Walrus

I love the Eggman!

I must first correct our scribe who has reversed the order of the first two. As great as Triumph was (is?), Geddy Lee has more talent in his little pinkie.

I didn't count Neil Young because my list was originally referring to top Canadian "rawkers". If we expand that to include a broader range of musicians, the list would go:

1. Rush (c'mon, seriously, Rush is THE supremo Can-band)

2. Neil Young

3. Triumph

4. Loverboy (just to piss everyone off)


665. Barenaked Ladies

666. Celine Dion


Sorry, didn't mean to hate on Rush (the band) naming them #2, I was clearly distracted by Rush (the hypocrite).

Celine Dion at #666 -- so true, so true.

If you're including non-bands, don't forget Alanis Morissette!

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