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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Neil the Ethical Werewolf

Thanks for volunteering for Ned! A lot of folks across the country will be celebrating tonight because of the efforts of people like you.


Wow, hi Neil! Thanks for dropping in. And for your kind words. I really feel that volunteering on this election is one of the most important things I've done in my life, if not the most important. We need change. We need hope. We need peace. We need social justice. We, the people, need to take back our country. I played one teeny part but it has been so wonderful to see that there are so many of us here in Connecticut and across the country who will work tirelessly to take our country back. This is just the beginning.


AMY!!! It's Joe, from the WH office! No victory post? I feel listless without Ned, hope you're doing ok.


Hi Joe! I've been so wiped out since the election thus no victory post until just now, and even that post is pretty basic. Hope all is well with you! Rest up for your senior year and I'm sure I'll see you on the campaign trail for November!! Great working with you!

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