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Friday, February 10, 2006


 Eric A Hopp

What the FRACK? A law barring minors from purchasing spray paint? I would imagine this blue law was passed so that gang members would use the spray paint for tagging, but this certainly surprises me.


Even better, last week I noticed one of the grocery stores promises to card anyone who looks under 40 if they want alcohol. Under FORTY! Connecticut is crazy. And it's a Blue State. I can't imagine how people survive in the Red States...

Greg Field

There is in fact no Connecticut law or statute requiring an ID check for the purchase of spray paint. Home Depot has told its employees falsely that state law requires this, but it is simply their own bone headed policy, and at my local store they have insisted on this even though I am 50 years old and greying; I have made many a stink about this, as it seems ID is only required for certain colors, which furthers the absurdity. They love to tell you to call their "customer care" line which sends you to India, obviously these rules are the product of pesky indians, duh!

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